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A website is better than insta

In the era of soc.many people think that blogging is about packing their activities as much as possible. With this approach, you forget what social networks are for.networks actually (we'll talk about this in a separate post), but the most important thing here is that the social network.networks will never be able to replace your personal website because of the built-in mechanics, which in many ways limit you in the sale of services / goods.

Always in touch

If you want your potential customers to have access to information 24 \ 7, even if you are not in the mood to go to the social network today, then the site is simply necessary. It works even when you are resting. One click on the link and people get to your personal platform, where nothing can distract their attention. While in a blog on your own page, algorithms recommend other experts of their similar niche. Not cool.
The site works even when you are resting.
Modern design and animation, trending techniques, gamification — all this cannot be implemented in a blog, on a website - easily. At the same time, after some time, you can make a redesign to refresh and make it "keep up with the times". And in a blog, it looks like a mess of different styles and if you want to make a single style of the feed, you will have to delete old posts, in general, one continuous headache. But if you have a website, then you can easily forget about it.


What about advertising? Advertise the site to the entire Internet. Cool? Cool. Because search queries are ahead of requests in social media. And it's much more convenient, your potential customers will always be able to find you. Unlike social networks, especially if your account is blocked because you "violated" the rules. The fact is that the site adapts to you, but you have to adapt to social networks.
The site adapts to you, but you have to adapt to social media.
The sooner you launch your site, the faster search engines will start treating it as a reliable source and promoting it in search results. And if the site design and convenience are at the same level, then visitors themselves will share a link to it with friends and acquaintances. And very often this happens because the site impressed by itself, and this is already free advertising, and even backed up by the advice of friends. The strongest marketing move.

Customer loyalty

Customer trust is everything. And who will be trusted more: a business that shows that it has the resources and budget to pack itself and provide a high level of service, or someone who only has an Instagram blog where you need to "write to direct for an order"?

Step into your client's shoes and you will understand everything right away. Is it convenient for you to search for the necessary information throughout the blog or is it better to interact with the menu on the site and quickly place an order? A huge number of orders and customers do not reach you, because they have to wait for a response in direct or write a comment to find out the price. These mechanics of typing comments are already rotten, now you are losing customer loyalty because of them.
Step into your client's shoes and you will understand everything right away.
Where and from whom would you like to buy goods or services yourself? Imagine this ideal "seller" and become such yourself. So that your customers are shocked by the first-class service, and not from the fact that they do not understand how to order a product from you or make an appointment. And this is in our time, when the speed of interaction decides who will buy from and who will not.
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