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How much does it cost to make a website

This post indicates my position on "why is it so expensive?", "are there discounts?" and other things like that.
The cost of the site depends on many factors, the only thing you really need to understand and accept is that every specialist has the right to set such a price for his work, for which he is comfortable and high to work. If the price indicated in the price list does not suit you, then you are just looking for another specialist. There are no other options here.
I have never had and will never have discounts. For me, this is unacceptable. That is, I do the work as well as for the full cost, and then why give a discount? Can I make it 20% worse? I don't condemn this approach, but you won't find it here.
The price in the price list is indicated "from", the reason is simple — if I don't know exactly what the volume of the site will be, then I can't name the exact price. But the minimum price for which I am willing to work is indicated. For example, a landing page from 750 $ and I will not do anything for a lower cost.
If one of the potential customers tries to manipulate me to bring down the price, our discussion of the project will stop there. I will definitely wish you all the best, but I will not work with you, even if you write to me again after searching for a cheaper price. I have no purpose to earn at least some money, I calmly refuse to cooperate even if I feel that we will not get along with the customer.
But for my regular customers, I always have buns and special offers. I appreciate the people who trust me to develop their business, we become a real team and they can always count on me. At the same time, each of them knows that I don't work for free. Respect can't be one-sided, you know?
I work fast, sometimes customers don't keep up with me, I'm not talking about the fact that the work will be done on time. You can always discuss the concept with me. I will always advise the best solution for you. If your idea of the site turns out to be non-working, I will always inform you about it and offer options. I don't need to be monitored, I know my job and will always make the necessary settings, which customers don't even suspect. I am constantly studying and taking courses, which, by the way, are not free.
Based on all this, I build my price list. But the price list is not something static. The longer I am in the niche, the more the prices for my work increase.
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