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Full instructions for working with me

It takes time to create a good website, and although I do my job quickly, it is very important to follow all the steps of creating a website. In this post I will tell you how the work with me is built: from the beginning to the final launch of the site.
If you want to order a website from me, then you need to click on the "Order" button in the "Services" section. If I was advised to you, then you can immediately write to a convenient messenger, but I will definitely ask who specifically advised because there are a lot of scammers who pretend to be customers right now.

After that, I will schedule a call where we will discuss all the details of the future project.
Calling in Zoom is the best way to start working together.
So we can get to know each other and you won't be afraid that I'm a non-existent person who will take your money and run away with it to the border with Canada. During the call, you should answer questions as fully as possible and talk about the future project: goals, audience, preferences, etc. This call determines our further work and the final result.

After the call, I will send you a contract where all the stages of work will be spelled out.
Carefully read the contract, everything that is not spelled out in the contract will be paid additionally and is not included in the price. The contract also specifies the expiration date of the contract, and if the deadlines are violated, the resumption of work is possible only after the renegotiation of a new contract, while the cost of work may change in a big way. Together with the contract, you will need to fill out a short brief, it allows you to summarize our discussion, as well as make links to references (sites that you like) as a guide in the work.
In the process of website development, I work with only 1 customer. This is also spelled out in the contract. You can discuss the project with anyone you want, but remember that the site is made for you, not for other people, and also that the deadlines for the project may be delayed. The number of edits is also spelled out in the contract, if your friends / relatives / colleagues / moms/ dads / grandparents will advise you to make changes every time, then the number of edits within the contract will end quickly, and everything outside the contract is paid additionally.
I work strictly on 50% prepayment. To start developing a website, you need:
  • sign the contract on the same day on which I will send it to you because the contract specifies the date and all deadlines are counted strictly from the date of the contract.

  • make an advance payment of 50% of the total cost of the site. The prepayment is not refunded under any conditions, it is prescribed in the contract. Why is that? It's simple: I start work, refuse other customers (I don't take more than 2 projects at the same time), spend my time developing the concept of your site. Time is money. If you are not satisfied with this approach, you can safely look for another specialist.
The first thing we will need to agree on is a wayframe. A schematic layout of the site that will allow you to determine the location and sequence of the site screens, as well as the content that you will need to prepare for the site.
This is how а warframe looks like.
After agreeing on the warframe, I start developing the design. After that, I will record a video presentation where I will explain all the solutions and show how they will work. Here you can take advantage of the opportunity to make edits in the amount stipulated in the contract. If there are no edits on your part, we can start implementing the site faster.
I always record a video presentation of the project, with detailed explanations.
After agreeing on the design concept, we proceed to the next stage - the layout of the site. Before the layout, the remaining part of the payment under the contract is made. You will also need to pay for a Tilda account, provide me with a username/ password, and buy a domain name.
After finishing the layout, you check the functionality of the site: buttons, menus, etc. It's no secret that the eye is «blurred» because of the large amount of work and tasks, so it's important not to skip the verification stage. It is always in the interests of the customer. After that, you sign the work acceptance certificate, the contract is no longer valid.
I am always ready to help my clients and stay in touch on many issues. Even after the completion of the project, you can contact me if you find any error. If you need to add content/functionality, then use the a service, the cost is calculated depending on the amount of work.