Blog for customers

Why do you need a website

This post consists entirely of facts. If you doubt the usefulness of the site for business or freelancing, just read this post and simultaneously tick the boxes next to each item, and then count them. The number of ticks is the strength of your customers' loyalty to you.
Taking care of customers and simplifying their lives is a sign of a good business. Clear mechanics allow you to order your goods and services in 2 clicks. Do not annoy customers and do not receive negative feedback. And a satisfied customer is a loyal customer who will recommend you
Help customers, not complicate their lives.
Stop sending tons of information to customers in direct or pdf files. This is the last century and modern companies \ freelancers \ businesses do not do this. Just 1 click on the link and the client gets a complete picture of your products or services. And you don't need to be even online for that.
The site works for you.
On the website, you can implement any idea, any design, which in turn will work to promote your personal brand. This is how associations work: shapes, colors, fonts become part of your personal brand and remind you of you every time a person sees a similar design.
Let everyone remember your style.
Not a single social network.the network will not allow you to implement cool animation to further immerse the customer in your brand \ product \ service. You won't surprise anyone with a static picture, but it's necessary to surprise and stand out now. If you want them to buy from you.
Surprise your customers with a non-boring design.
Advertising through search engines is the most effective and does not require a pumped blog in instyk to buy something from you. Search queries will always be in the top, remember when you are looking for a product or service, you use search engines. No frames in advertising as in social.there are no nets here. In order for advertising to work even more effectively, the site must be spectacular and thoughtful.
Run ads to a huge audience.
If you do not sell prohibited goods, then no one will be able to block your site, the main thing is to pay for a Tilda subscription on time. Artificial intelligence by mistake will not "see" something terrible and will not block you. Your site helps you work even more productively, and does not scare you with warnings about blocking.
No blocking.